Plums Tomato Sauce

When plums become sauces

When plums become sauces

If you want to delight in the true flavour of Mediterranean tomatoes, plum tomato sauce is perfect to make a unique-flavoured plate. The high sugar content in plum tomatoes gives the sauce a sweet note that will pamper your palate.

Produced in Scicli greenhouses, plum tomato sauce is subject to strict controls, during all the producing chain, from sowing to harvesting, up to packaging.

Sauce ingredients:

50% Piccadilly tomato, 50% plum tomato, extra virgin olive oil, basil and salt.


Tomato sauce is prepared in net 280 gr jars. Every packaging consists of 12 jars.

The product is packaged for Costa dei Sapori in the plant in Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG), in C.da Piano Mondello.

How to store the sauce

Plum tomato sauce expiration date is two years after its packaging, and, once opened, it must be stored in the fridge and consumed in 3 days.

Plum tomato sauce on the table

With its sweet and intense flavour at the same time, plum tomato sauce is perfect to enrich your dishes with the true Mediterranean tomato flavour. Perfect in every occasion, the sauce may be used to season first courses, make more tempting a hot grilled bruschetta or a homemade pizza.

It is easy and quick to use: you should only heat and pour it in a pot and then you will be able to host in your table the flavour and colour of Sicily.

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