Quality must be seen

Our products keep high quality, authenticity and the typical Mediterranean flavour. In our cooperative, you may find a wide range of vegetables: all cultivated, selected and stored according to agricultural techniques and methods that care for your well-being and that of our territory.

In the Sicilian plans around Scicli we cultivate the land with methods of integrated pest, an agricultural technique that increases the value of natural resources and the balancing mechanisms of ecosystems. As a consequence, we may avoid chemical products damaging the land and your health.

On our side, we have the positive geographical position of our greenhouses, immersed in the South East of Sicily, where natural factors create the conditions to produce a wide range of vegetables. So we may satisfy your requests of taste and well-being.

Our productive, storing and transforming process of agricultural products is daily controlled. This why we may take to your tables healthy products of excellent quality, such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and cucumbers.

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